Players' Information

Every fall you must have the following in to the president:
- PARTICIPANT FORMS (make sure to copy insurance card)
         can be found here:
         when complete, bring these to 029A Student Union. 
         fill out the e-daf here:
- NCBA Eligibility
         go to
         select the div2 link in the top right corner of the page
         select login -> player registration login
         be prepared to pay the $1.00 fee to the NCBA, and accurately fill the application.
         dues for 2016-2017 will be collected by semester or all upfront per player's choice.
         FALL 2016 - $125.00 due by September 15, 2016.
         SPRING 2017- $125.00 due by February 15, 2017. 
        >over the summer each player will be expected to report 10 hours of community service, with pictures.